Well, as much as I hate to admit this, Marrianne really was everybody's favorite, including Lovey and Me. She was sweet and friendly. She loved hammies and People and Cats, and everyone wanted to be her best friend.




grooming tucked in sleeves


We all got along and we would sleep together, groom each other
and play together.









punkin 1 punkin 2 punkin 3



Right after Christmas, Marrianne suddenly died. (Mom thinks that she had
diabetes since her symptoms were almost the same as Spoo's when he first got sick.) Mom says she was our little snowflake- she fell into our lives and made us happy, and then she melted away.





hammy santa 1  hammy santa 2


Dad was working on this sculpture of Marrianne at Christmas time as a present for Mom, but he never finished it.






 on guard  cutest








drinking 1 drinking 2













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