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the easter foozle by Suzanna Griffin

  We just found out about



a very tasty holiday







ginger eggs lovey eggs


easter egg

 We sat in the carton with the eggs, but we didn't get tye-dyed, even though Dad said Lovey would look good with stripes- like a polar bear zebra.We liked the eggs better when mom opened them up and chopped some up with a little carrot for us.





Lee's Zebear lovey & reindeer bear 


 The Polar Lovey

(Our Dad made the reindeer bear and the zebear was drawn by our "Uncle" Lee Moyer)







eating with peeps


These guys are called Peeps. They are about the same size as me. I tried to be friendly, but they aren't much fun to play with. But I bit one on the head and they taste pretty good!


cuddling peeps


hiding with peeps




Sumo Lovey peep lovey


Lovey tried her fierce Sumo Wrestler act on them, but they didn't care.
So she bit them, too- but she bites everybody so I don't know if she thought they tasted good or not.







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