When we were little, I was the biggest and Lovey was the runt. Sometimes I would pick on her if I got a chance. I would sneak up on her and she would flop on her back and squeak. I liked to put my hand on her tummy and make this evil face and try to hyp-mo-tise her. (We live in the room with the TV and I saw Popeye or Bugs Bunny do it to an alligator once. Or maybe it was Steve Irwin.) But I always let her get right up, and then we would go play with Marrianne.

Mom called me Nosfigratu, the Vampire fig. Dad just thought I was a bully.

But when we grew up, it turned out that BiteyWhitey was really the bully, and Mom and Dad have to separate us sometimes. Plus, of course, BiteyWhitey bites which I would NEVER do!






You wouldn't believe what you can get in your pouch if you really try.

When I do this, Mom says I look like the dangerous King Cobra Fig spreading her hood and getting ready to strike.

Dad says I look like the drawing Wallace Tripp did called "exceptionally Greedy Hamster."






the cobra the chip




don't wake me












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