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In case you are working on your own web pages, here are some tips and pointers from a cyberian hamster ...





First of all, you will need a computer to work on. This is a picture of me with Katrinka Macintosh. Although you can get very good results with almost any kind of computer, Mom and Dad got me a Mac, because they know that hammies love apples.




Make sure you have a nice comfortable work station with everything you will need nearby.

Here I am positioning my regular tools- monitor, keyboard, mouse, mousepad and snack.



You may find it is more convenient to stash a snack in several places.

When you are my size, it's a long way back down to the desk.







Moms desk luau






ancient chinese secret, huh?


When you are getting started, it helps to have someone around to answer questions and help out, especially if they understand things like electricity. Spoo is not only my computer guru, he can easily do some things that are very hard for me - how do you guys push three keys at once anyway?





 stop touching my whiskers


The next thing you have to know is the difference between a hamster and a mouse. Make sure whoever is helping you doesn't squeeze or click anything until you're sure they understand this!

One thing to check for is the tail- as you can see, mine is the perfect length, while the mouse has all that extra stuff that gets tangled up in things on Mom's desk.

I will tell you a secret- Spoo has this problem, too. His tail is very busy, and it is always getting into something it shouldn't. I myself have never wrapped around a glass or knocked over a hula girl.

I did once have an unexpected desk encounter with a wayward squirting frog from Archie McPhee, but luckily, no squirting was involved.















 Next, check out that row of keys at the top of the keyboard. They have weird numbers and letters, but if you want to know the secret things your program can do, you may need to try them.

For instance, even though I have always worked on my pictures in Photoshop®, I didn't know these commands were available until Dad got their flyer in the mail.


photoshop ad





And always make sure to answer your mail. It is the polite thing to do. Also, if you get a lot of mail, it can quickly get out of hand.

Mom and I like to answer our mail at night, because we are noctural. 










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