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Hi! I'm Ginger, also known as The Fig.
I live here with my little sister Lovey, better known as Bitey-Whitey.




duplex living together


As you can see, we have convinced Mom and Dad to supply us with spacious and frequently changing living quarters. Some parts of our home have their own names, such as Roswell, Snuggler's Cove, The Inhaler, and Munch-You-Pichu. We also have a rocky habitat that fits in part of our house- it's not only good to climb on, it also makes cool cavey places to crawl under. The top ledge is called Lovey's Leap because we like to jump from there.





sleepy trio 1 sleepy trio 2

We came to live here in August of 1998 on Mom's birthday. (She's really old!!)

We were a birthday present from Chris, Claire and Kim. Our Mom's heart-sister Chris, (Mom calls her Mrs. Noah because so many animals live with her), picked us out. She could tell we were special and she knew Mom would love us.




russian hat 

We are Russian Dwarf hamsters, so Mom wanted to call us Sputnik, Vostok and Buran. (Those were russian spacecraft. Mom likes space stuff.) Sputnik was kind of a silvery ball, Vostok was a buttery ball, and Buran means Snowstorm, so those names kinda fit us.





gilligan's girls  
 But on the way home from the restaurant, Dad started to call me Ginger, and the next thing we knew he was calling my white sister Lovey and my dark sister Marrianne. And by the time we got home, those were our names.










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