she's loose







buff As you can see here, all that working out in the wheel has made Lovey very buff. I think she watches Jack LaLane on TV in the morning when I'm asleep. Or maybe she took that Charles Atlas course- in just 7 days, I can make you a Ham! She does try to kick sand in my face - well, chinchilla dust, anyway.







 peffernusse  cookies


 Here you can see how Lovey got to be called "The Pfeffernuesse."
If you click on the cookies, you can see mom's recipe.
Don't click on Lovey. You might get bit!







When we were little, Dad thought I bullied Lovey. I wanted Mom to read him the poem by Russell Hoban about when Frances the Badger doesn't want to be friends with Gloria, her little sister.

I get spanked if I just twist her
Arm, that little Gloria sister.

But we couldn't find it anywhere- not online, in the library or the bookstore! So if you know that poem, or can even tell me which book it is in, please write and let us know!

roswell is full



Thanks everybody! Click the Picture to see the poem about Gloria from the book:

Egg Thoughts And Other Frances Songs
by Russell and Lillian Hoban.








entering roswell leaving roswell


These pictures of Lovey were taken in Roswell- it is a flying saucer shaped part of our home, and it also the place where abductions are the most likely to happen. One minute you smell something good to eat, you climb up there, and the next thing you know you are on the couch with Mom or Dad.







 lamb in a tube  marshmallow bazooka


Tubes are another one of our favorite places. They are good for so many things- for instance, they make great elevators, space ships and tanning beds. They also make a good spot for a sleepy snuggle if you happen to meet up in a quiet elbow.



tube girrrls










I am very sorry to let you all know that Lovey left us for the Rainbow Bridge (Mom says Fiddler's Green) in July.

She had been sick, but Mom and Dad took her to the vet and everyone thought she was getting better. Then, suddenly, she was gone.

We all miss her very much.
Mom took this picture on her last day.









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