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kernel of damoclese  

One day, Dad came home from work and told Mom that it was a special day -take your daughters to work day. He helped to set up a special backdrop at work so that kids could have their pictures taken in lab coats, and then he would use Photoshop to make it look like everyone was working in the lab.

Dad wanted to put us in the picture, too, since we are his girls. He told Mom he could use Katrinka Macintosh to put us in lab coats, but that he didn't know how he was ever going to get us to stand up to have our picture taken.






First, he asked Mom to hold us up, but that didn't work at all!
We just looked like wriggly squiggly snowballs.


ginger squeeze  
lovey squeeze






Mrs. Teasdale

But Mom had an idea-
Fishing for Hamsters!

Mom knew that Lovey and I would do almost anything to get popcorn, so she sewed a string through a kernel and told Dad- here, this is the bait. If we hold this at just the right height, the girls will stand up and reach for it.



 It worked pretty well with Lovey. She didn't want to face the camera, but she did stand up and bite the bait.
bite - bite - bite.

(This is Lovey's impersonation of Margaret Dumont as Mrs. Teasdale in Duck Soup.)




lovey kernel 1
lovey kernel 2






ginger kernel



I wasn't so good at standing up--

Hey, it's not like anyone told me what to do, okay?

So I took a different approach to the problem, leaping like a salmon and trying to catch the kernel.






ginger jumps




the catch
falling over




Oh well- In the end, Dad did get some pictures of us, and when he puts us in lab coats, I will show you those, too. Mom let us have the popcorn when the photo-shoot was over. I was so hungry from my Olympic jumping that I managed to have about 6 bites- that's almost twice as many as I usually want!

And now we are ready for a starring role if anyone ever makes a movie called
A Kernel Runs Through It.












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