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Mom wasn't the only one who was surprised when we came to live here-




the boys


When we got home, we found out that we had two BIG brothers,
Frosty and Spoo, who were not expecting us.



in my hand

Mom showed us to the boys.

I said to Marrianne- I'm gonna sniff that big black pony- and I stuck my whiskers at them....
and then they ran away and hid in the closet!




Our Dad said it was just like when Little Sylvester is ashamed of his Dad-

Oooh, the shame of it all! My own Father- afwaid of a mouse!!

Our Mom says- don't push your luck, girls. The boys have feet like pie plates, and it's a good thing they don't want to play with you.

baby sylvester

After a while the boys got used to us, and sometimes they sit by our house and look in while we run in our powerballs, or they lie on the couch next to us if Mom or Dad are holding us. We are friends. But if I stick my whiskers out at them, they still run away, and when I get on the floor in my ball, I can chase them down the hall and right into the closet.






frosty 1

 This is our big brother, Frosty

He has 6 toes on each of his paws. Whoever he lived with before us had all of his claws removed, so even though his feet are big around, they are short.

Mom says his feet look like the feet of 1950's furniture with little black caps on them.


His nicknames are Stringfellow- because string is his favorite thing; Brunswick- because he looks like an 18 lb bowling ball; frosty 2
Tontonka (or The Beefalo);
Benny the Ball and  Snotch.
   benny the ball      
He's a pretty quiet guy, and you would hardly know he's here, although he likes to snuggle feet at night. And when he runs down the hall, he does look and sound like a buffalo.









Frosty likes to lie on the green rug with his arms out, and mom thinks he would make a great Miniature Golf hazard.

(Mom has a secret dream to play mini-golf in every state)

He's very fast, so he would be hard to beat. I guess it is a good thing he runs away from hamsters in playballs!






spoo window  

 This is the Spoo, also known as The Foozle. He is 16 years old and he was diagnosed with diabetes last summer. He has the biggest feet ever- he has 8 toes on his front feet and two claws (a real one and a false one) on each toe.

He thinks he is Mom's favorite, but he wasn't counting on me!!!


spoo basket  baby spoo





Spoo is the one who taught me to use HTML. He's been using the computer for years. He started by watching Mom and Dad, and he learned to put his paw on the spacebar while Mom was typing. Then he learned to spin the trackball on the PowerBook.

Soon he was doing all kinds of things- finding out where to buy great toys, watching birds and fish, and talking to other cats with diabetes in special "sugar cat" chat rooms.

spoo computes

Spoo says that CHAT is the French word for cat, and that cats are really running the internet, but nobody knows it yet. But he figured out that cats wouldn't have any power for their computers if the hammies of the world didn't run in the wheels and powerballs, so we have to learn to get along and work together.


 archy 1

 Spoo told me it was easy to use the computer, and if I didn't poke my whiskers at him anymore, he would teach me how. He said we would be just like archy and mehitabel- (he said Dad told him they were the first animals to use HTML, before there even was any. archy wrote all kinds of things by jumping up and down on the keys of a typewriter. Except Spoo can push the shift key, so we can use capital letters.)

We may try writing some poetry, though you never know. But we would like to tell you what we're up to and share some pictures.

 archy 2









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