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All Of Them Together  
Boromir and Thorongil, an honorable surrender
As Truly As The Arrow Flies  
Faramir and his Grandfather talk about the constellation The Archer. This was written as part of the Stargazers series with the HA Writers Group, where Faramir learns the constellations.
All These Wore Wings  
Random images from the siege of Gondolin speak to the courage and fears of a small boy in another white city…
Faramir and Boromir - meetings in the river Anduin
River of Fallen Stars
Faramir and Pippin, stars in the Anduin, some old ghosts and a bottle of wine.
Peace Like A River Ran Through the City
Faramir remembers Boromir on the anniversary of seeing the funeral boat.
two journal entries by Lothíriel of Dol Amroth
Farad Maer
A ranger and his companion; a boy and his dog; the bonds between species with different life spans.
Aragorn's closest kinsman becomes his standard-bearer on the Paths of the Dead.
Telling The Bees
Based on a Celtic superstition - Sam must tell the bees of a change at bag End.
Winter Solstice
Elrond reflects as the Fellowship leaves Rivendell
Gifts of Life
Merry and Gimli discuss tradition while making wedding gifts for the king.

Slouching Toward Gondolin
riding to the siege of Gondolin in ethe belly of an iron beast - a moment in the mind of a first-age orc

Drabbles:  a drabble is a short-form of prose which requires you to tell a story or paint a picture in *exactly* 100 words (not counting the title.)

Tuor makes thedecision to sail west

Gárulf dances with fate

Sam decides to go with Frodo

storm rises on the paths of the dead
Maglor makes a decision
Based on Blood of Kings by Chris
The Retelling Project: Drabbling the works of JRR Tolkien
The Great River
Journey To The Cross-Roads
The Passing of the Grey Company
Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin
Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad

poetry: about the interlocked verse forms
Ascension -
a terzanelle by Denethor addressing 1,000- years of futility
Finduilas -
a villanelle by Denethor about the fires of the soul
Strength of Love -
a rondeau - a very speculative love poem to Denethor from Finduilas
Jewel of the Hunt -
a terzanelle for Faramir
faramir - cywydd llosgyrnog
Home By Morning
A love poem from the heart of war; a Nursery Rhyme to scare the daylights out of the little ones when you tuck them in
Singing In The Face of Death - terza rima sonnet
A bard of Rohan remembers Hirgon of Gondor
Steelsheen - cywydd llosgyrnog
Morwen Steelsheen
Unquenchable - two triolets
first glimpses between Éomer and Lothíriel
Anglachel - terzanelle
A bitter Valentine from Turin Turimbar to Anglachel, his sentient sword
Green Eyed Monsters - two triolets for fur
the Cats of Queen Beruthiel
Beautiful Pea Green Boat -
Queen Beruthiel and her cats, with apologies to Edward Lear
Elanor - kyrielle
Fastred to Elanor, daughter of Samwise

free verse for Frodo


Squeaky Wheel
A drabble for Denethor's Hamster, Thorongil
Collaborative Mayhem (written with Flick)
A pair of slashy Aragorn/Boromir answering villanelles, and the birth of the silly villanelle
Rated: "R" for slash, "I" for innuendo and "D" for doggerel. Please note: The character list said "Aragorn" and "Boromir" only because it would not let us say "Aragorn and Boromir... Boromir... Boromir..."

*new* The Corsairs of Umbar (written with Flick and Lee Moyer)
Gilbert and Sullivan once attempted a little operetta about Middle-earth....

Play by email - slightly off colour limericks 
A clerihew for Elladan and Elrohir
A Double Dactyl
A Modern Girl In Middle-earth
a request for a review


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