Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin
red sky at morning, sailor take warning…

The beating of swans wings opened his heart to the soul of the sea. Wave-bound on the strand, he embraced a brother and a fate, and passed the Mountains of Shadow.

Hope stopped at seven gates, whispering a secret name to each - but even the voice of a god could not make them believe.
Sea sparkle and deathless love gave birth to the evening star. Yet darkness dwelt beneath ivory walls; a mole burrowed in Gondolin’s garden.

The White Tree’s golden flowers would fall and ragged petals like tears flow down Sirion’s face before he followed the swans wings home.

Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad
the battle of unnumbered tears
We called Ossiriand ‘The Land of the Dead that Live,’ but all Beleriand was now heir to that title.

Hithlum and Himring were hammer and anvil, and the House of Hador fanned the flames. Our swords were fire in a field of reeds, our armour a river of steel in the sun. No demon of darkness could vanquish us!

But black-hearted night, not dawn, had arisen from the East. Gondolin stands alone until night passes and the morning star is forged.

Beneath the Hill of Tears, swords of Eldar and Edain mingle, becoming one as they crumble together into rust.

I have become involved with a group at Henneth Annun attempting to retell Tolkien's stories in the 100 word prose-poems known as drabbles. These were my chapters for The Silmaarillion
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