Simulated Old-time December

Well, it’s the end of 2006 and it’s in the 60s outside. Who knows if we’ll ever see snow again thanks to the global warming that we are still being told is all in our imagination. So we’ll use our imagination and make snow in the world inside our computers.

Bring on the cold so we can cuddle before the warmth of our hearths -
electronic, brick & mortar or otherwise.


hide the gnome ~ save the world © Gryphonsmith Graphyx 2006


Greetings from Gryphonsmith Graphyx 2006
Words and Music by Jim and Tay


At this holiday time, we wish you all the Joy and Light of the season, every season in turn. Whether you are into hibernation or celebration, in your heart, as in the heart of the wheat, enjoy the fruitfulness of the past and nurture the kernel that is the promise of the future. May your Dreams be as Bright as the Northern Lights and your Hearts as Warm as Live Arctic Fur. We wish you the Brightest of New Years– Safe Haven, Snug Harbour and Always the Welcome of a Loving Heart. As winter dances over the land, remember that you always have a warm, safe nest in our hearts.


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