Nothing Is As Sensational As Christmas

So, The Season Isn't Sensational enough?

Look what's actually going on all around us-

• We're all living on a thin skin of slag on the outside of a molten ball of rock and iron that's proportionally less substantial than holiday tissue paper wrapped around an orange.

• This lump of lava we're living on is spinning around once a day, and whirling around the Sun and Milky Way at thousands of miles an hour, and we're still holding on

• We've just parachuted a TV camera onto the planet Jupiter.

•Outside the window, our world of growing green is frozen as hard as a welldigger's shovel, yet in a few weeks, Crocus, snowbells and others will be pushing their way up through the ice and snow to greet the late wainter sun.

• Your cat is eating stuff that smells and looks like toxic industrial by-products and he will turn it into a deep rumbling purr and soft silky fur all over your sofa

And you think it's strange that we believe in Santa Claus?

Following "The Star"     ©Gryphonsmith Graphyx 1995

Words and Music by Jim and Tay with Spoo and Frostbite

This card was produced by a trained Gryphonsmith Graphyx operator with really bad hair using a Macintosh computer, PageMaker software, buffalo skins, a pointed stick, charcoal, hand ground all natural earth pigments, several liters of Pepsi, cheese danish and cat fur. No Authentic rock paintings were harmed during the production of this product.