Warmest Wishes In The Coldest Season

Raven Steals the Sun...

You know how we feel about Raven- he carries the sun to the top of our tree, and holds it aloft in our living room all year long. Raven is a hero, trickster, transformer and teacher. He helps humans by playing tricks on them until they learn life's lessons. He figures in many stories, in many forms. In Northwest Coast mythology, Raven is responsible for stealing the sun, but also Raven who restores it, but this time to a place where it will do mankind the most good.

When Raven carried the sun away, we know that he dropped a piece which became the moon and stars. We wonder what other sparkly ornaments might have grown from those glittering pieces...

As we approach the Winter Solstice, may the light always grow in our hearts, and may we always bring light into each others lives.

At this holiday time, we wish you all the Joy and Light of the season, every season in turn. Whether you are into hibernation or celebration, in your heart, as in the heart of the wheat, enjoy the fruitfulness of the past and nurture the kernel that is the promise of the future.

May your Dreams be as Bright as the Northern Lights and your Hearts as Warm as Live Arctic Fur. We wish you the Brightest of New Years - Safe Haven, Snug Harbour and Always the Welcome of a Loving Heart.

As winter dances over the land, remember that you always have a warm, safe nest in our hearts.

Raven Steals The Sun     ©Gryphonsmith Graphyx 1992

Words and Music by Jim and Tay with Cinnabar, Black Powder, Tallitu and Spoo



This is an alternate version, showing what Raven usually delivers to us.
This went out to people we share music and concerts with.