Warmest Wishes In The Coldest Season


In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil, the World Tree, links and shelters all the worlds. Like our planets, there happen to be nine of them - hmmm.

The fir trees we decorate are, because of their shape, a symbol of flame; and because they are evergreen, a symbol of immortality - two important gifts of the lightbringers. No wonder we cover them with lights -what could be more beautiful than the lights of heaven sparkling on the tree at Christmas.

Only the deeps of space are dark enough to show us the brightness of the stars.The changing faces of the moon reach like a garland across our year, tying it together. Each ornament has a special beauty, a particular set of memories. Often the oldest ones are the closest to our hearts, growing more precious each year as they grow more fragile, passed from mother to child. Good planets and happy memories can never be replaced. We wrap them carefully and store them in our hearts through the year, and we can only hope that everyone will respect their fragile beauty and handle them with care.

At this holiday time, we wish you all the Joy and Light of the season, every season in turn. Whether you are into hibernation or celebration, in your heart, as in the heart of the wheat, enjoy the fruitfulness of the past and nurture the kernel that is the promise of the future.

May your Dreams be as Bright as the Northern Lights and your Hearts as Warm as Live Arctic Fur. We wish you the Brightest of New Years - Safe Haven, Snug Harbour and Always the Welcome of a Loving Heart.

As winter dances over the land, remember that you always have a warm, safe nest in our hearts.



Yggdrasil where nine worlds clash    ©Gryphonsmith Graphyx 1991

Words and Music by Jim and Tay with Cinnabar, Black Powder, Tallitu and Spoo