Here Comes The Sun

- we wish you a merry mythmas and a happy new year -

Freya was the goddess of beauty and love and battle and death.

Frey, the Sun God, and his rival, Njord, struggled for control of the wheel of the year. Each Summer Solstice, Frey was sacrificed by Njord and the days began to grow shorter. But Freya would give birth to Frey at every Winter Solstice and the days would begin to lengthen again.

Freya was the Vanadis or All-Mother and nothing lucky could happen without her. She is returning the sun to the heavens in her chariot pulled by 2 cats as black as night. The necklace she wears is the Brisinga-men and it was made by the Dwarves out of rainbow and sun.

Freya  - Chariot of Fire    ©Gryphonsmith Graphyx 1985

Words and Music by Jim and Tay and "Jamie MacIntosh". with Cinnabar, Black Powder, Tallitu and Spoo

(Jamie was our very first Mac - a "fat Mac" 512)