Its not that same old silver star
you wanted for your own

First Christmas Away from Home - Stan Rogers

Fling yourself into the celebration of the season!

Throwing Stars (no, I fling them)

Varda beheld the darkness of Middle-earth. She took the silver dews from the vats of Telperion, the silver tree of the moon, and she made new stars so that when the elves awoke, they would wake to their light. She gathered them together in constellations and set them as signs in the heavens.

As Varda ended, The swordsman strode for the first time up the sky and the Children of the Earth awoke, and the very first thing they saw were the stars of heaven.

The two big obsessions that have held our hearts this year are Tolkien’s universe of Arda (an old and ongoing love) and a more newly found mania for animé, in particular Last Exile, where stars mark not only the dream of the sky, but also the danger that lurks within. Thus, we bring you Varda in an animé style, throwing the stars into the sky.

Tay always wanted to use this method for getting the tinsel on the tree - chaos theory, that’s the ticket! Freedom, fortune and the luck of the draw. Jim is a placer, each strand studied and then situated, removed at the end of the season to it’s original packaging. The beauty of order, considered construction. No flutter is allowed, no clumping and NO plastic icicles need apply.

Our vision of Varda stalks the middle ground. We have given her the eight pointed stars that we see so often in Gondor. Traditionally, the eight pointed star represents regeneration, which we celebrate at this time of year, and also the intellect -the quick rational mind and wit, which we so much hope to see have a rebirth in our country.

“ We come spinning out of nothingness,
scattering stars like dust.” - Rumi.

Ten Star Mission © Gryphonsmith Graphyx 2004

Words and Music by Jim and Tay with Frolicing by Frostbite

At this holiday time, we wish you all the Joy and Light of the season, every season in turn. Whether you are into hibernation or celebration, in your heart, as in the heart of the wheat, enjoy the fruitfulness of the past and nurture the kernel that is the promise of the future. May your Dreams be as Bright as the Northern Lights and your Hearts as Warm as Live Arctic Fur. We wish you the Brightest of New Years– Safe Haven, Snug Harbour and Always the Welcome of a Loving Heart. As winter dances over the land, remember that you always have a warm, safe nest in our hearts.


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