Stories by Jim (shunt)
Shelob's Lament
war comes for us all
Whistling Past the Graveyard 
Written for the Friday the 13th superstitions challenge at Henneth Annun - Boromir encounters a dwarven superstition as the fellowship passes through Moria
In The Bed You Made 
The King of Gondor an his bride. Asleep. Sort of.
Upstaris, Downstairs...and in My Lady's Chamber *new*
A Comedy of Manners - Coffee Talk on a balcony in Rivendell (*humor and sarcsam and sexual innuendo*)
Cubicles of Valinor-
An ordinary day in the life of some middle management Maiar -(told in the style of "Dilbert")
North -a Romance cover from Middle Earth ( a present for fileg)
Boromir's Journal - Tharbad to Imladris, Day 1 *new*

Tolkien Art

The Far Side of the Sea  *new*
Tolkien Cartoons in the spirit of Gary Larsen

Snapshot Challenge Art 1:
entries in the HASA snapshot challenge

Banner Challenge Art
The Golden Flower
(for fileg, who thought Glorfindle should have "mighty thews.")


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