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The Flaming Carrot stein

  America's Working Class Superhero!

In the wee hours of a good number of years ago, there was an unholy union of forces... Alternative Comics and Ceramics Class.  
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The Flaming Carrot

Iron City's unstopable crimefighter.

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Mister Furious!

He's so angry, he's bulletproof!



A strange visitor from a distant planet.
He's full of pure moral fiber.

Where's my Pocker Fisherman?  
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A human arsenal.


Little blue haired ladies were not ready for Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot comics. Nor were they ready for photo reference for FC's Colt 45s....

This was a product of the confluence of strange forces in the world, with no owner in mind. After its completion, we knew it had to be a gift for a fellow Flaming Carrot fan. Thus it went to live with a good friend and artist, Lee Moyer.

The Mystery Men appear here as they were in 1987 on the cover of Flaming Carrot Comics issue 17.

Oh, and if you click the thumbnails above, you'll get larger images. The photos were taken for us in 1987 by friend and artist Robin Wood while she lived next door.