Warg Rider's sword pommel  

This deail is of the pommel of the sword for the orc warg riders. It looks just like a paw, and it was wrapped really roughly, which gave it the texture of ratty fur


  I was surprised how many of "dark" items were very beautiful in a twisted way. Saruman's chamber has so many things in it, it was impossible to focus on them. And the Saruman and Grima clothing was amazing close up - Saruman's exuding an air of timelessness and Grima's such an overpowering feeling of faded opulence.  
  Saruman's door handle  

This beautiful lizard is half of a pair, cast in what appeared to be iron - black metal, anyway. They should be vertical and they are the handles on the door of Saruman's chamber.

  Uruk Hai tooth pliers  
  Okay, perhaps the folks at Weta went a bit over the top in designing the everyday lives of the cultures....  

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