Griffin head on Rohiric brasier Rohric dragon andirons
  This is a griffin head at the top of one of the legs on a brasier. This is one of the four andirons surounding the firepit in the center of the hall of Meduseld. The fin on the dragon's back holds a rod that spans the two sets of dragons and from which cauldrons, etc can be hung.
  Rohiric banner behind throne  
  Rohiric belt buckle  
  Rohiric bunny

Look! The Rohan Royal Guard helm has pairs of bunnies on it!

No, wait.... when you turn your head they look like horses. That's easier to explain.

Rohiric horse head
  Eomer's sword hilt Rohiric Royal Guard sword hilt

Above is the hilt of a sword of Theodin's Royal Guard (Hama, etc.) The lion head (?) design on the hilt and the horse design on the pommel were symetric. I was just lazy.

Eomer's sword hilt and scabbard are at left. The assymetric horse head design are repeated on the other side of the sword & scabbard. When sheathed, the horse heads on scabbard and sword sit nose-to-nose and look like a single design.

The ToyBiz Eomer figure has a good representation of the sword, but the scabbard is plain, so it misses the effect.

  Rohiric axe head

The axe I sketched at Toronto is not exactly the one in the image from The Two Towers, but the knotwork on the head is very similar (I did not feel up to drawing knotwork while hunched over the low case this item was in.)

The Toronto axe had a horse head at the bottom of the blade (that's what that blob is supposed to be.) In the sketch, the horses nose is pointing directly downward, with its ears leaning forward.




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