When I was learning to cast horoscopes back in the 1960's I picked up a book that divided the sun sign into deacons, ten degrees of arc that were defined by constellations that fell in that part of the sky.

The book has been out of print for about thirty years, so here are the basic divisions and their constellations



first deacon:
March 21 to March 31
A beautiful woman seated on a throne next to a king whose crown is made of stars.Initiative
second deacon:
April 1 to April 10
The Sea Monster

third deacon:
April 11 to April 19

with winged feet, helm crowned and a victor's sword, foresight


first deacon:
April 20 to April 30
The heavenly huntsman,girded by a belt of stars with his sword bound therin, one foot aloft to crush his enemies, affability
second deacon:
May 1 to May 11
A long winding river that symbolizes eternal justice, organization

third deacon:
May 12 to May 20

the shepherd protecting the flock, determination


first deacon:
May 22 to May 31
Lepus the Hare
the weaker creature can outwit the stronger, conscientiousness
second deacon:
June 1 to June 11

The great dog's name derives from "victorious prince", serenity

third deacon:
June 12 to June 20

Canis Miinor
the small dog stands for the triumph of reason, knowledge


first deacon:
June 21 to July 2
The Little Bear
symbolizes the goals and ideals of man, philanthropy
second deacon:
July 3 to July 12
Ursa Major
The big dipper symbolizes assembly and discretion, methodical

third deacon:
July 13 to July 22

Argo the heavenly ship
decision and determination,adaptability


first deacon:
July 23 to August 2
Hydra, the serpent
influence which can only be purufied by fire, illumination
second deacon:
August 3 to August 13
Crater, the cup or chalice
emotional overflowing, intellect

third deacon:
August 14 to August 22

Corvus the Raven
destroyer of the enemy, defender of the fallen, experimantation


first deacon:
August 23 to September 2
The mother who brings succor, alertness
second deacon:
September 3 to September 13
Centaurus, the centaur
the dual nature of man, dignity

third deacon:
September 14 to September 22

Bootes the gleaner
the gathering of the harvest, discrimination


first deacon:
September 23 to October 3
atonement , potential
second deacon:
October 4 to October 13
Lupus the wolf
slain and symbolizing repentance, endurance

third deacon:
October 14 to October 23

Corona Borealis
achievement, persistance


first deacon:
October 24 to November 1
The Serpent
integrity, spiritual power
second deacon:
November 2 to November 11
loyalty, esoteric knowledge

third deacon:
November 12 toNovember 22

righteousness, destroyer of evil


first deacon:
November 23to December 1
Lyra the harp
honesty; heavenly music, harmony
second deacon:
December 2 to December 11
throughness, the figure of revenge disbursing punishment

third deacon:
December 12 to December 21

Draco the dragon
intuition, triumph of good over evil


first deacon:
December 22 to December 31

Sagitta the arrow
precision, destroying what lies in the path

second deacon:
January1 to January 10
Aquila the eagle
justice, going to rest

third deacon:
January 11 to January 19

The Dolphin
sympathy; spiritual development


first deacon:
January 20 to January 31

Austrinus the fish
courage, fertility

second deacon:
February 1 to February 9

frankness, bearer of good things

third deacon:
February 10 to Febraury 18

The Swan
insight, sacredand beautiful bearer of burdens


first deacon:
February 19 to March 1
The Bridle
reliance; overcoming restrictions of the physical body
second deacon:
March 2 to March 11
Cepheus the Monarch
with one foot resting on the pole star - service and imagination

third deacon:
March 12 to March 20

the woman freed from her chains, action